Job as Obstacle

I’ve spent so many years working in retail, bookstores primarily, that I’ve allowed that to define not only what I do but who I am. When I first got a … Continue Reading →


C is for Cats

As Bast is one of the Goddesses I try to honor I think it is time I shared the cats she has left in my care, all rescues. And I … Continue Reading →

B is for Betting on Myself (finally)

I am a writer. There, I’ve said it. Not, “I want to be a writer” or “I’m going to be a writer” anymore. I AM a writer. I spend so … Continue Reading →


Book reviews

I should have known better than to make a specific plan about posts. That usually means something else will come along and beg to be written instead. I will try … Continue Reading →


Awakening 2.0

Last year, I talked about not feeling energies. A friend talked with me about it and helped me to realize that maybe I do feel the energies, simply in a … Continue Reading →

A is for Arkona and Amorphis

Last year I wrote a post about music and how little Pagan music I really know. I think this year I’ll do my music research along with the Pagan Blog … Continue Reading →



I’ve had a few issues on my mind for a while now, big picture kind of issues. One was not an issue that I needed to fix, only to figure … Continue Reading →


Passion without Power

For many years I’ve read the books, blogs, and other websites in search of the many ways of practicing magick; the right way, the wrong way, and how to determine … Continue Reading →

M is for Music…Again

I realized in retrospect and had it pointed out to me that my last post had absolutely no truly Pagan music. While it is nice to have mainstream music that … Continue Reading →

M is for Music

I was pondering while checking e-mail, at a loss for a post for this week. None of the suggested prompts really called to me. When the idea finally did come, … Continue Reading →